This page is dedicated to the Blazer!

(this engine didn't last long either!)

there are only a few pics of the conversion and work done to the Blazer.  But I will place what pics i do have on file and a few that on film and get them scanned in.

In 1985, the Blazers with the 2.8s were still carburetor.  When Doug got the Blazer the engine had recently been redone.  Well after allot of reworking since most of the lines on the engine had been removed or placed different then supposed.  Some reworking and it was determined that that motor had spun a rod bearing.  So the motor was pulled and a new bottom end was put in.  Since all the reworking on the vacuum lines on the first motor was still a problem.  We did another conversion to MultiPort Injection.  Was little more intense on this one since there was no injection to be a basis on.  We had to literally add everything for it.  From a in tank pump all the way up to an extra fuse block for the needed for everything we had to add.  With that all done, there was a working truck again.  Well later on a trip back from Johnstown, the new crank broke.  After it was towed home. It was determined that Doug was going to get a reman from work and put it in and be done with it.  He got a engine for a 86 camaro.  That way the engine would match the intake set up.  After awhile, with the occasional problem.  It developed a popping through the intake under low rpm in low gears.  We couldn't nail it down.  Tried swapping the computer from the other truck since by then I had gotten the truck back and began working it over.  Even that didn't seem to help with it.  By that time, Doug had gotten tired of all the problems.  He decided that he was going to get a new one.  So rather then sell it and have to deal with someone complaining that it wasn't running right.  To also repay the money that he owed me from the Torino when we were working on it.  With that, I got the Blazer and began pulling the pieces off of it that i wanted and the parts that Doug wanted to resale.  So with that, it now sits in my drive way a shadow of its former self.  Waiting to get the final pieces off and be hauled off to be junked.

these are from the second go round when the fuel injection was put on.  which is after the rod spun.

That's - Mike on the left, Doug in front and the grease ball is me.
if you look close you can see Mike's 92 Blazer in the back, yes we like the S10s.