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As seen in these pics, the belt alignment and clearances, are much far less then desirable.  So a plan is underway for a more desirable setup, a full serpentine set up from a camaro.

The full setup from a camaro, with a modified tensioner to run the oppisite way.  Brackets have also been notched for water pump clearances on the outlet and mounting points.

These are just the rears, they match the fronts.  Atleast in their adjustably.  I should pics of the front coil overs once I reinstall them on the frame.

Front CoilOvers and take a guess as to what the other pic is of

Don't worry, its gotten cleaner then that since they were taken.

The cab has returned in Galaxy Silver.

The spot where the cab had to be pushed back for exhaust clearances.

new wire holders, they are blue...

Low pressure holley pump on the left and high pressure on the right

for those that wonder what computer goes with this setup.