Jay Jay's Entry for Challenge #3 of the Amazing Lace

Small Version of the movie is here: 2 MB quicktime movie

if you right click (control-click) on the link, you can download the movie to your computer & then resize!

Audio track is courtesy of Triangle Forest - if you like it,
please check out their website: http://www.myspace.com/triangleforest

The video is compressed to accommodate the web viewing...
so some things are harder to hear/see...
thus, here is the text!

>> Voice #1
Welcome to JayJay's Entry to Challenge 3 for the Amazing Lace

>> Voice #2
Please sit back with your favorite yarn
and prepare for a fantastic show
Today, our dear friend Lolly will be reading an original haiku
while the adorable Takumi twins will perform an interpretative dance

>> Lolly's Haiku
Joy in knitted lace
Transformed from hank to beauty
Wool becomes art

Thank you